On The Water

Club Boats

Club boats are primarily for training purposes but they are available to members for leisure use under the following conditions –

  • Anyone taking out a Club boat must be a member who is suitably qualified by certificate or experience.

  • Permission must be obtained from an officer of the Club who will sign the boat out. The condition of the boat and equipment will be noted before the boat goes on the water and checked on return, any damage being the responsibility of user to rectify.

  • The cruising area will be defined and the user must stay out of the Council’s defined swimming area to the east of the pier.

  • The time of return will be agreed.

  • Mast head buoyancy must be fitted to all boats except the Toppers.
  • On return the boat must be washed down and all the equipment and sails stowed correctly.

  • A responsible person must be on site and keep a regular look-out until the boat is ashore and put away correctly.