The Committee


BRSC committee members are dedicated to running a successful and friendly club. They aim to make the club accessible to everybody.

You can contact any of us by using the email address from the menu above or by ringing the club during the club opening hours which can be found on the Events Calendar from the menu above. Alternatively you could visit our Facebook page and message us where you will get quick but general advice.



The Commodore has overall charge of the club and all that happens within it. All decisions are made with a committee but the Commodore makes the final decision and ensures that the club is running smoothly all year round.

Rachael Atfield


Vice Commodore

The Vice Commodore supports the Commodore in all decisions and ensures that all aspects of the club activities are running smoothly all year round.

Sandra Etheridge


Rear Commodore Executive

Our Rear Commodore Executive manages the bar and bar area. He ensures its smooth running, offering the club a successful social area.

Ben Uren


Rear Commodore Sailing

Responsible for the sailing aspect of our club, including ensuring the Race Calendar, OOD, Safety Boat and beach duties, Training and Cadets is all fulfilled and runs smoothly

Joe Elwin

Training Principal

Sarah is in charge of setting up training at the club.  This includes: Cadet week, Cadet evenings, WoW, Saturday sessions, Power Boat courses, Safety Boat courses, RYA sailing courses and much more.

Sarah Stephenson


Events Coordinator

Our Events Coordinator is responsible for organising all the events that take place in the club. This includes both members and non-member activities.

Ben Uren


Membership Secretary

Paul is responsible for membership processing and enquiries as well as maintaining the membership database and producing membership cards.

Paul Dallimore



Alex is responsible for inputting the financial incomings and outgoings of the club; the authorisation of reimbursement of agreed expenses and presents the accounts at general committee meetings and the AGM.

Alex Black



Our Secretary keeps a record of all issues covered and discussed in committee meetings. They write up the minutes and ensure that the committee are up to date with current issues.

Carol Adams



Lisa will be raising money for the club by applying for grants, seeking sponsorship & through other opportunities to raise money for the club.

Lisa Stevens


Maintenance Co-ordinator

Pete helps coordinate the maintenance of the club, keeping it safe, secure and useable throughout the year.

Pete Crosby


Website and Publicity

Ben has developed and will continue to maintain the new website and update it to keep our members and the general public informed of events at our club.

Ben Uren


Safeguarding Officer

Paul is our Safeguarding Officer for the club. He is responsible for ensuring safeguarding is carried out effectively across the club and that correct policies and procedures are in place.

Paul Adams



The Dutyman programme is to help with the volunteering expectation of club members.