History Of The Club

BRYC started life as a sailing club in 1949. A club house was built in 1950/51 when the club became very popular as a location for sailing the Merlin Rocket, a fast wooden sailing boat.

During the early 80s the then commodore introduced a modern fast catamaran which proved very popular with club members; to this day they are the most favoured craft at the club. The 80s also saw the introduction of Windsurfing, which was quickly embraced by the club and continues to remain popular amongst our members.

With catamarans well established and the windsurfing contingency growing, the club developed a more relaxed approach to membership, where members visited the club not just to sail, but to also enjoy the facilities and social events organised by the club.

Today the club is proud of its competitive racing combined with a relaxed atmosphere where friends and families of all ages can enjoy the beautiful beach.

Below is a mixture of photographs from 1949 onwards. Some people we know but others we cant recall. If you think you recognise anyone - let us know.