COVID Update July 2021

July 23, 2021 0 By BRSC Updates

Covid Update and Club Information Following Government / RYA Announcements

With Covid numbers rising the following is all advised in Step 4. This ia all in line with local businesses, clubs, pubs, social clubs and sailing clubs:

The Government states: ‘We expect and recommend that people wear a face covering in crowded and enclosed spaces’, in addition to the RYA reinforcing this statement. Therefore we will change our signage to reflect that masks are urged or encouraged. As you know, we cannot enforce it now, but we can still encourage people to wear them.

Doors and windows should remain open to generate air flow.

Government and other sources (including the RYA) say that screens should still be in place to avoid face-to-face contact. Therefore, all of ours will remain. We have a duty of care to our staff, as well as our members and need to implement as much as possible to reduce the risk of transmission for them. We will be in line with other businesses and Sailing Clubs in doing this.

Social distancing is still encouraged. Therefore, our signs will remain as a reminder.

Serving customers - serving at a bar can now happen. Although, several sources say no congregating at the bar. Therefore, we will provide service at the wet bar only. The reasoning behind this is that people can queue rather than congregate in that area and it will avoid mass crowding at the main bar. Table service will stop as not manageable with bar service as well. Whilst the screens are up, we can place chairs at the bar. Once screens come down, chairs will be removed, as sitting at the bar, as well as congregating is discouraged.

Changing rooms can be used fully now, but the Government and RYA are encouraging people to arrive ready to sail and people to be mindful of numbers in changing at one time. Signage will change to reflect this.

Hand sanitiser stations need to remain and contact points cleaned throughout the day. Therefore ours will all remain as well as the sanitising products placed throughout the club for members to clean areas they touch / use.

Whilst not a legal requirement now, the Government is asking that Test and Trace / record keeping continues to help monitor outbreaks and assist in tracing people. Therefore, ours will remain in place. We will ask people to sign in, but we won’t refuse service if they refuse to give details.

The Government is encouraging people to pay by card to help limit possible transmission of Covid. However, we can take Cash if we feel we should now. Date to be confirmed for when use of our pool table and scratch card machine can happen.

All social events can happen, with no legal limit on number restrictions. Therefore, our planned events can proceed. However, we need to be mindful of numbers if weather changes as people will have to fit inside. We also need to remember that with the Covid numbers rising so much and isolating becoming more widespread, events may be cancelled at short notice.

At the present time, our hours won’t be changing. This will be reviewed continually though.

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