Carrying Out Boat Maintenance With Social Distancing

June 18, 2020 Off By BRSC Updates

Please note when coming to the club to work on your boats observe the rules.

Keep at least 2 metres apart from other members except for individuals from your household do not assemble in groups

Remember the club is closed and there are no toilet facilities at this time. We will update you once these become available.

Please bring your own handwash and avoid touching anything unless you really have to.

The maintenance suggestions below are required to reduce the risk of potential gear failure while out at sea. This should help reduce pressure on the emergency services.

Should you feel unwell please stay at home.

1) STANDING RIGGING incl TRAPESE WIRES - Look for broken strands paying attention to the terminations (at thimbles etc.) replace if suspect.

2) SHACKLES - Check condition – replace if required, tighten up with pliers, secure with locking wire or tape, also tape all security rings.

3) RUDDERS - Check condition and operation do they lock down and stay down? Cam assembly on Hobie Cats? Also check condition and security of pintles.

4) EMERGENCY EQUIPMENT - Paddles, waterproof case for phone, spare shackles, rope.

5) RUNNING RIGGING Check for wear replace if suspect, wash sheets to ensure smooth operation through cleats and blocks, clean and lubricate cam cleats.

6) MAST - Check security of fittings, give the sail groove a good clean (knot rag to rope and drag through) Note silicone spray is an ideal lubricant.

7) HULLS - Water will accumulate over the winter months – drain. Have a good look round for damage.

Note: at least one boat has been holed over the winter period. Check condition of hatch covers and sealing rings together with buoyancy bags and compartments. Toe straps check condition and security, replace shock cord as required.

Note if all this is too boring please remove some shingle from the ramp, use your own shovel!